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This article explains how to use the www Redirect Checker Tool, a free tool offered by majorseotools.com redirect problem usually occurs due to a security flaw present in many websites. It redirects users to alternate websites instead of the originally requested page. Users tend to click on links provided by these redirects, which causes security issues. To fix all redirect problems, you need to use the redirect checker tool, a simple web-based utility.

How to Use the www Redirect Checker Tool

This tool helps you check the current status of all URLs based on the different domain name resolve rules. All domains use different methods to get the root server's address, so when girls have additional domain name resolves, the links might redirect to some other page. If any URLs redirect, this free tool will help you examine the redirect chain by a pre-defined set of status codes. Input your URL and see the response code for free. You can even cross-reference the redirect chains to find the source of redirect.

The most important part of this tool is the list of rules that needs to be investigated. You need to enter all the URLs in the search box and click on the "Submit" button. For advanced users, it is possible to enter multiple URLs. The URL checker will show you all URLs associated with the domain name you are trying to resolve. You will also receive information about the alternate URLs that might be causing redirect problems.