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About Domain Age Checker

Domain age checker tool checks the exact current age of a site or a domain, from when it was registered to the time it is active. A site that has been on the internet for more than six months is more established and has a better search engine placement. If a domain has just come into existence, its search engine placement may not be that good because there may be no existing traffic. It also means that there may be no customers to drive the site or domain into an improvement phase.

The Importance of Using a Domain Age Checker Tool

Some tools may offer different domain age estimations, but not all do. The domain name creator age estimator works by computing the number of months since the domain's registration date. The tool also determines the number of new names registered with the website within the period the domain age estimator has been calculated. If the estimation indicates that there are many new names registered in the same time frame, the majority of visitors are new ones, which suggests that the number of existing customers is low. It also means that the website or domain is not popular, which means that the competitors are already dominating the market.

The tool uses domain age to calculate the percentage backing or domain against the age estimation provided. The backlinks is the main component for the search engine ranking of a web page. The tool can determine the backlinks of a site or domain and get them backlink reports from some top search engines. Most of these tools are designed so that they can be run as a desktop program. They are designed to be used in conjunction with backlink reports to determine an accurate ranking of the backlinks of a site or domain.