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What is an email privacy tool? It's a free and reliable tool to verify the availability and safety of an email account on a web server. When you send an email, you must be aware of the risks that can affect your account security. Email privacy tool checks whether the email addresses that have been associated with the account are safe or not.

Email Privacy Tool

When you go to your favorite search engine, you will find numerous websites which offer services to protect your private emails from being compromised by hackers. Some of these websites offer free tools and newsletters to educate users on how to secure their emails, while others offer paid tools to prevent hacking. Email Privacy tool checks the email addresses which are associated with the account. It's essential to understand the email address which sends to when sending out an email.

You may also want to use this free tool because it can determine the type of website or which has been used to register the email id. This tool is handy when you are attempting to trace emails. If spammers have sent you junk mail, this tool will help you determine the website or from which they are sending you junk mail. Moreover, if you are receiving phishing emails, you can also use this software to track down the origination of these emails and identify who is sending them.