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If you are not using Domain into IP Checker Tool, it is a big problem. I hope you know what it is and that you have a second opinion about it. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time and money. This IP trace tool will help you find out who is behind that anonymous site you saw on the yellow pages.

Domain Into IP Checker Tool

It will tell you the domain name, whether it is a secured domain or not, the geographical location of the Domain, who registered the domain, and so much more. I have heard so many people complain that they have tried this service and did not work for them. They were either not using the right tool or did not know what to do with the information they get.

This service is a free tool for checking the details behind the domain name. Once you have the details, you can make up your mind to buy that domain or leave it there. I suggest that you try the free service first because it will let you see all of the data you can get from the domain. It will tell you who registered the Domain as well. If you are looking to buy a domain, then go for the one that has more detail. But whatever you do, please take the time to check this tool out and find out who owns that anonymous domain.