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The Link Price Calculator Tool assists you in determining how much you should be charging (or paying) for each text link (ads) from every page on your website. If you're planning to buy link spots on your site, this is an invaluable tool to estimate the probable cost for each link. It can be beneficial when determining what your expenses should be per thousand impressions. Links are an essential part of effective SEO, as it determines how many people are visiting your site and gives you a snapshot of how well your web site is doing in terms of popularity. It's also helpful to know how much each text link will cost and the conversion rates to determine whether or not to re-scale your advertising budget.
To use the Link Price Calculator Tool, you first need to enter the particular URL you'd like to calculate the link prices. You'll then be given a list of webmaster rating "weights," which consider factors like page rank and Alexa traffic for your particular URL. Enter the weight of each link individually. Finally, calculate the total weight of the links for the specific URL in question. The lower the importance of each link, the less it should cost to display the link on a website.
Many factors can affect link prices, and the accuracy of this pricing tool may vary with different search engines. Still, the Link Price Calculator Tool remains one of the most valuable tools for calculating effective keyword PPC ads without relying on ad consultants. Link pricing is an essential part of effective search engine optimization, and many website owners struggle to understand the actual cost of each link. With the Link Price Calculator Tool, you can easily calculate these prices in advance, allowing you to target your ad budget more effectively. It is beneficial for new or small businesses, which don't have the resources to buy ad space. You can also use this tool to compare the various prices charged by multiple ad networks and publishers.