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The suspicious domain search tool allows you to run a virus and spyware check on any suspicious domain name that pops up on your screen. In the beginning, this tool was handy and practical, but some time ago, malicious website owners started using the same program to redirect visitors to their sites. Due to this new development, most users had to go through several web pages to find malicious websites. It was not suitable for webmasters, and they started leaving the tool useless because of this issue. But not anymore


Discover How to Catch a Fraudulent Website Owner With the Use of Suspicious Domain Checker Tool

Because of an innovative new feature introduced in this version of the Suspicious Domains Search Tool - which I will present to you in this article - you can now easily trace the web pages of these malicious websites and find out their IP addresses. These domains are often used to execute spyware, adware, or viruses on your PC. Once you have the IP address, you can easily trace the website by entering the IP address into the Suspicious Domain Checker Tool and clicking the search option. The tool will display a list of all websites, which may be related to the domain you are running. You can now go ahead and block the malicious websites from running on your PC.