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About What is my Browser

There are many ways to get a specific browser or version number, but the easiest one is to utilize a free online tool. The great browser has already beat all other existing browser testing tools and software with an easy and friendly user interface. You can also test your browser against the built-in browsers of Internet Explorer and Firefox. This way, you'll be able to check the different functionalities and discover bugs before the browser makers themselves can do it. This way, you'll be first-hand aware of problems that might surface in the soonest possible time.;

What is My Browser? Browser Details Finder Tool

A specialized tool offers comprehensive information regarding each browser version. You can see the browser's name, its version number, its address bar setting, tab behavior, history, storage information, startup configuration, and more. The tool also provides details regarding the hardware, browser type, system configuration, and operating system. With detailed information regarding each browser version, you can identify what hardware is behind each specific version and use it to test hardware compatibility. If you're using a particular browser in multiple systems like Windows and Linux, the tool will provide details regarding the system configuration.

What is my Browser is a free online tool which is ideal for tracking down errors in your current browser as well as in potential browsers. A comprehensive list of browser details is provided, along with detailed information regarding each one. Once you know which specific browser name shows the error message, you can quickly solve these issues by installing the corresponding version in your system.